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Outrageously Remarkable?

Dean Caravelis is my entrepreneurial spirit animal. He is not only full of clever ideas, he follows through with his dreams and puts actions to his plans. He was a packaged deal with my husband, Travis, because they were best buds and I got a two-for-one. I inherited him as my own best friend shortly thereafter and I was absorbed into their group.

After I had my boys, Dean was constantly encouraging me to put my creativity to work and start a business. I couldn’t fathom why he thought I had time or energy to do much of anything with 2 little ones under the age of 2, but he persistently suggested nonetheless. I begrudgingly admitted to him when I opened my Etsy shop and I saw his gears turning. Fast forward 7 years, and he has started a successful blog (which he runs while growing his promotional empire at blezoo.) During our last visit home to Florida, he interviewed me for said blog and the article is here.

I have to say I’m a little fahklempt that he chose to interview me alongside some other super inspirational and well-spoken entrepreneurs. I’m also touched that he saw something in me years ago and didn’t lose confidence that I would stay the course and see my dream through, much like he does everyday.

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