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About Us

pictured (left to right): Hunter Shelhorse, Azie Shelhorse, Kingston Shelhorse and Travis Shelhorse

{verdigreen} is a family-owned business. In today’s world, increasingly being overtaken with online shopping and social media, {verdigreen} encourages community and face-to-face personal connectivity. The {verdigreen} brand beginnings go back to 2009, when Azie started getting into painting furniture for the Shelhorse home in Atlanta, GA. Her passion continued as the family started visiting estate sales, and Azie continued to upcycle her finds. The Shelhorse home became fully furnished and beautified, and from there {verdigreen} was formed as an online Etsy store in 2010, allowing for the passion to continue beyond the home. The name was derived from verdigris, a gorgeous natural patina formed when copper, brass or bronze is weathered and exposed to air or seawater over a period of time. {verdigreen} embraces these sort of natural design elements, and encourages a green footprint, by redesigning and reusing old things and incorporating non-toxic DIY supplies

When the Shelhorse family moved to Montclair, NJ from Atlanta, there was less space to work in and store furniture, and the {verdigreen} family decided to bring the idea to the community, opening its first brick and mortar shop in 2013. With Etsy shaping the collective artisan vision for Azie, she decided she wanted to showcase other local moms who were selling on Etsy from their home.

Since the {verdigreen} storefront opened, it has further evolved into an interior design center, incorporating maximalism, the reuse and redesign of furniture, and natural elements in its interior design work.