Shibori with Annie Sloan paint | Chalk Paint® by Annie Sloan | Verdigreen™

Shibori with Annie Sloan paint

There are days (ok, most days) when the daily tasks involved with owning a small business/retail shop are more than I can muster the energy for. I just can’t help it, it’s the creative in me. I need an art outlet – or an artlet, if you will. 🙂 Ha!

Enter: dying fabric with Chalk Paint®. We have been dying fabric with Annie Sloan paint for several years. Tie dye, watercolor, painting upholstery, lampshades, tote bags, pillow covers…you name it! We had never used it as a Shibori style dye, though. Annie did this at Junk Jubilee in the Spring so we thought we would try our hand at it. OMG. It was so fun, quick, easy and gratifying!

I will post a video tutorial soon – and a workshop in our Summer schedule – but in the meanwhile, here are our (mine and Ari’s samples) pics from yesterday’s experimenting and work avoidance:13450704_10154279242413749_1698227190094169276_n 13466007_10154279242453749_3114990145590753602_n 13466525_10154279242138749_8997487576259244532_n 13502104_10154279242518749_5937763948368524224_n 13512005_10154279242208749_5976940723856012805_n 13512120_10154279242498749_566649621334296607_n 13516488_10154279242038749_7547945218875755191_n 13524367_10154279242388749_504780232288324613_n 13528908_10154279242343749_2892013654382254044_n 13529209_10154279242098749_2825958091759105822_n

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