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Fan Favorite – Ombre Wall

We love highlighting favorite Annie Sloan Chalk Paint projects here and this gorgeous wall has been in our top 5 for a year+! Annie’s son, Felix Sloan, created this oceanic ombre blend using Chalk Paint® in Provence and Aubusson Blue. Felix started by painting the top third of the wall with Aubusson Blue. He then […]

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The Trend Report: Chalk Paint® with a Modern Twist

Is Chalk Paint ® Only For Rustic Looks? One of the questions we hear about Chalk Paint® is if it can only be used for rustic looks where distressing and Dark Wax are involved. However, Chalk Paint is entirely versatile. There doesn’t have to be texture & aging & distressing if that’s not within your aesthetic preferences. […]

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The Trend Report: Taking a dip in Summer hues

The Chalk Paint® palette is so full of gorgeous colors it can be challenging to choose what to use for your next project. Annie Sloan’s signature hues are great for mixing and the Summer is perfect for trying out a new color! Over the next few weeks, I want to focus on the looks that have […]

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