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Artist Spotlight: Jennifer Levine

Every so often, our shop brings us a connection that feels like magic. Truthfully, this happens more often than not. I have felt very fortunate over the past 6 years at the chance meetings that have materialized as a result of opening {verdigreen}. One such meeting was with local artist, Jennifer Levine.

She came into our Montclair shop because she was painting a mural next door and wanted to sample Annie Sloan paint. She promptly returned for quarts and created the most wonderfully whimsical mural outside. (When you come to the shop, I will show you where her work is hidden in a courtyard nearby.)

We chatted and laughed and realized we instantly liked each other’s vibe and artistic approach and decided we would collaborate on a local art event in the near future. Jenn Jenn (as she likes to be called by friends) went home and painted some more – using Chalk Paint® again – and when she showed me the final works of heart I knew I had to share them with Annie herself. Annie loved them, of course, and highlighted Jennifer Levine on her Facebook page here this weekend. How exciting! She compared her style to Picasso and Chagall. I love the messages she adds to each piece.

Join Jenn Jenn and I on Friday, September 23rd for a complimentary Community Art event – stay tuned for more details to come.

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