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Back to School




**In case you don’t want to read my heartfelt blog (for shame) the link to the workshop is here.**

One year ago, I dreaded Fall 2014 when Kingston would begin his school career. Hunter would begin school but for some reason, I knew he would be ready…he’s the first born and eager to learn and leave while Kingston is very much my little one. It was August (obvs) and we had started planning our store in Montclair. It was exciting and new…but I never expected to be busy with it, I always considered myself a SAHM since that had been my sole occupation for 6+ years (aside from my Etsy shop which I related to as a “jobby”…job+hobby.) I thought {verdigreen} would be my painting studio, a showroom for my redesigns, a place to purchase local and vintage goods, and an event space…but since it is off the beaten path and a newbie to the retail scene in Montclair my assumption was that I would mostly spend my days hanging with my Shop Elf and having fun creating.


So like I said, I dreaded Fall 2014. Because I knew that the days of spending every moment with Kingston would come to an end and I would sit in an empty home/shop crying into my coffee in silence. I may be a bit dramatic, I know, but as I type this fear of mine tears fill my eyes. I am a sentimental mom. The kind who cries at their kids’ soccer games and school plays just because their kids are living life. I homeschooled both of my boys until their first days of school (aside from day camp in the summertime) so my life has revolved around these guys much like many other parents.

What I did not realize was that {verdigreen} would grow. Quickly. And become busy. And the fear of being without the kids in silence would become unfounded because there is no silence or alone-ness at the shop these days. I am thankful and grateful that I don’t have to face that fear alone. Thank you, customers, for being my friends and good company every day and reminding me that I am more than just a sad Momma awaiting her kiddies’ dismissal, but also a person with friendship to share and an artist with an outlet to create.

To honor those of you who feel similarly…whether back to school means lonely mornings without the sound of children, or elation that you can actually take a shower in peace…I am going to have a MMO at the shop. Mommy’s Morning Out as a workshop. An hour or so of painting and camraderie with a take home project – sign up here. See you there!

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