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Painting Fabric with Chalk Paint® – Before & After(s)

Many of you have heard you can paint fabric with Chalk Paint® (yes, you can!) – and we have done several projects ourselves you are welcome to come see (and feel) for yourself in the shop. One of our all-time faves is the HUGE vinyl Mid-Century Modern sofa in our Montclair Makers’ Space:

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When painting with Chalk Paint®, I prefer to dilute the paint and do several thin coats with ample dry time between. Annie (Sloan, of course) likes to mist her fabric and paint full-strength. She is a pro and the inventor of this magical medium so if you’d like to follow her method, by all means! 🙂 I have found that every textile I’ve painted has reacted differently in how the paint covers and feels. This is why I often tell my customers what has worked for me but also to be open-minded that the process may be slightly different for their DIY project.

One of my awesome customers did this French Provincial antique sofa in French Linen – isn’t it amazing?


Last week, we documented our latest painted fabric project with this Facebook video *disclaimer – I am the worst video person ever*… I had fun with this one because the linen was so soft and since I was only coating it once (by diluting the brush with a dip in water) it retained its softness. Here are some of the after pics:

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For more information on how to paint your fabric, please visit your local Stockist – find them here: . To purchase paint online, visit our online shop here.

Thank you for visiting us today! We are a small, family business and your support of our shop means a lot to us.


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