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The NEW COLORS have arrived!

Annie Sloan released THREE new colors this year and we finally have all of them in our possession at {verdigreen}!

Earlier this Summer, Giverny (a bright, clean blue) graced us with its presence.

Today, I received our very first shipment of Honfleur and Amsterdam Green!

Honfleur is interesting because customers often ask for brown Chalk Paint® and for years Annie recommended mixing her hues to achieve this. I am sure she still will, she loves mixing colors, it’s the artist in her and we have to agree! However, she finally decided to create her own brown and we cannot wait to use it. Its rich and warm like leather.  We will be using it as a table top on a buffet we are painting in the shop this week- Ari’s choice!

screen-shot-2016-10-17-at-9-28-49-pmAmsterdam Green is exciting because, to me, it is the Napoleonic Blue of greens. I LOVE Napoleonic. It looks like BLUE VELVET – soft and deep and luxurious. I am PSYCHED to use Amsterdam because it seems to have the same vibe. It will be the base of the buffet we are painting this week so we will pair the two new colors together and see what happens!

Here is a screen shot of our instagram – we reposted Annie’s Amsterdam Green project:

All three of the new colors are available in person at our shop: 182 Glenridge Ave in Montclair, NJ or at our paint shop by clicking the color name above & ordering online.

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