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Tis the Season (to update your fireplace)

We have had quite a few customers come in the past month who wanted to update their fireplace/mantle/brick/tile surround. What we tell them is always to check with their township first as some permitting may be required to paint their fireplaces…and then we proceed with our expert advice. 🙂

We realized that many of our customers didn’t have a visual for painted versus washed fireplace brick (or stone) so we created this basic but straightforward image with two photos we found online:

On the left, you can see a fireplace that was painted solid white. To achieve this look, use Pure White and paint to full opacity allowing to dry 30 minutes between coats. No sealing is required. (Chalk Paint® is non-toxic and can be painted indoors without breathing in any unhealthy fumes.)

On the right, the fireplace brick is a warm white but not totally solid. To achieve this look, use Old White and water (about 50/50 at first to test the mixture) and brush on then wipe/blot off or leave on depending on desired outcome and how absorbent the brick is.

Because Chalk Paint® sticks to brick without much prep, this is a quick, easy & inexpensive transformation to update your space! Most of our customers spent less than half a day on their fireplace updates and were blown away with the results. Check out our customer album on Facebook here for before and after pics of DIY projects.

*If you don’t have time to DIY or want a professional to finish your fireplace, feel free to call us 973-233-1085 or email me directly for an estimate: azie@verdigreenhome.com

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