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Using White Wax & Black Wax to add patina to grey

Every once in a while, we paint something and say to ourselves “wow, we forgot how amazing that looked!”…okay fine, we do it literally every day. This week was no exception. We painted over this horrendously spray painted desk with Paris Grey Chalk Paint® by Annie Sloan, then white waxed the top and black waxed the base.

It sold two days later. So then we painted this antique lyre table in a mix of Graphite & Old White, and white waxed the base and black waxed the top.

We are obsessed with this two-tone waxed patina finish. It is so easy and really simplifies the palette while still providing a real contrast of finish.

Here are two helpful videos regarding how to wax your Annie Sloan Chalk Paint® once its dry:

Black Wax Video

White Wax Video

To mix the Graphite & Old White custom grey, we just played with our Chalk Paint® ratio until we were happy with the outcome. We painted it right over the dark mahogany antique lyre table, then once it was dry we stenciled it and lightly distressed it prior to waxing. We have found for a smoother finish it is best to apply two thin coats of Chalk Paint® with long, sweeping brush strokes. We continuously added more Graphite to our grey mix as we made our way down the table, hence the lighter to darker aesthetic shown.

Come see this beautifully transformed table in person at our small brick and mortar shop in Montclair NJ at 182 Glenridge Ave.

We sell Annie Sloan Chalk Paint® online also here in our shop.

(Every customer gets my personal cell phone and email address to contact as your Chalk Paint® hotline! I have been using Chalk Paint® for years and have been trained by Annie Sloan herself. Ask anything! I am happy to share and I am a resource to you.)

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