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Crying in my Coffee

Whew! We did it – we survived our First Day of School! 🙂 Thanks to all the moms who figured out how to get to our Montclair shop despite the traffic detour to enjoy some company and deliciousness. I love our community and how we come together in support – especially on days like today when we (read: I) are overrun with emotions.

I am sad to say goodbye to Summer and having my boys (our Shop Elves) with me every day but relieved to finally have some uninterrupted productive time…it’s been WAY too long!

We host our complimentary Crying in my Coffee event each year for other moms (and dads) to cry, commiserate, or celebrate (depending on your perspective) so mark your calendars for next year!

We chose to support local business – Montclair Bread Company – for our baked goods. I had one of each. They were minis so I think like 8 mini doughnuts = 1 normal doughnut. (shhhhh, just pretend)

Wishing you all a successful school year!

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