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Hygge Holiday

This day is always an emotional one for me.

I’m full of gratitude because so many of you have chosen to spend such a meaningful moment with us (Krisztina, Santa, & I) at the shop. ♥️

I get to see lots of eyes full of wonder (& also some full of tears) and it’s a real honor and pleasure being a part of the community in this way. 🎅

I hear very creative lists for Santa “100,000 dollars and a talking parrot” and other kids who just tell Santa everything about their lives.

Growing up, I didn’t celebrate Christmas so it’s fun being a part of your family traditions every year.

I hope you enjoyed the experience of Our Hygge Holiday Wonderland as much as Kris and I did! Here’s to another year of memories made!

(Thanks for the mulled wine, Molly & Lauren! It helped me stay on my feet for 12 hours.) 👯


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