Graphite with Black Wax on a Custom Chair | Chalk Paint® by Annie Sloan | Verdigreen™

Graphite with Black Wax on a Custom Chair

We just finished these lovely, luxe armchairs for a special design client.

We collaborated with our design partner, Beth at Escura Interiors, to create a beautiful bespoke moment using rich, purple velvet and a black and white birch branch textile framed by a deep black wood tone created by finishing Graphite with Black Wax. When painting with Graphite, you can choose to seal it with Clear Wax first or go straight to the Black Wax to deepen the color to a super luxurious jet black as pictured below. We LOVE the look! So timeless and classic!

Have you used Black Wax on Graphite or any of Annie Sloan’s other deep colors to create drama like this? Show us what you’re working on!

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