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Secret Sale!

Some of you may know that we have a large attached storage area behind the shop…it is FULL of goodies awaiting their reinvention. A little TOO full. Someone may have a shopping habit. *ahem*

About a month ago, Mr Verdigreen suggested a Garage Sale to reduce the amount of treasures we have to climb over and I immediately shunned the idea because I get veto over everything {verdigreen} related and it’s fun to tell him “no.” (Shhh, that’s between you and me.) However, after attempting to photograph a set of chairs for a NYC design customer and not even making it halfway to their hiding spot, I reconsidered his suggestion. THUS A SALE WAS BORN.

Let’s be clear…I am not an estate sale cleaner outer gal so these items have ALL been hand selected by yours truly with big plans in mind. They are all in excellent vintage condition & super stylish. Alas, there is but one of me and I am willing to submit to not being able to *choke* do EVERYTHING. Dammit, man.

These don’t happen often, ya’ll, so hop to it:

Secret Saturday Sidewalk Sale


PS: If you’re still reading, you get a prize. Whisper “secret sale” at checkout to receive 10% off ALL Annie Sloan products. (Saturday Only…don’t try me.) You’re welcome. Adieu.

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