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Annie Sloan Chalk Paint® – Country Grey




One quart can or sample pot (4 oz.) of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint® in Country Grey.

This is a putty colour using greenish raw umber, and is a really useful color. It ‘s terrific on its own and with white or for distressing as a top coat with Cream or Scandinavian Pink underneath. It is generally seen as a more rustic colour good for a country look rather than the château.

Another way to use it is to mix it into another color such as Château Grey or Duck Egg Blue to make them paler and knocked back.

On its own it is the perfect neutral – a creamy beige with a hint of green. It coats any surface its painted on with unparalleled coverage & looks luxe with its depth of tone.

Shown with clear and dark wax.

Photo Credit to Annie Sloan.

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