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Annie Sloan Chalk Paint® – Napoleonic Blue




One litre can or sample pot (4 oz.) of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint® in Napoleonic Blue.

This is a rich and regal classical blue with a lot of depth of color particularly when it is waxed to bring out the sheen so it has a silky look to it. It’s dramatic without being “in your face” and being a primary color, it’s a great mixer!

Napoleonic Blue is inspired by the ultramarine and cobalt blue pigments used for decorative work in everything from neoclassical interiors through to modern 20th century decoration.

Napoleonic Blue is rich like Blue Velvet and is a classic color that I consider a neutral despite its stunning look.

See how we used Napoleonic Blue and Greek Blue painted together on this project.

Shown in clear and dark wax.

Photo Credit to Annie Sloan.

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