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Antique Wooden Elevator


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hey there! it’s me. the finder of cool things. YOU ARE NOT GOING TO BELIEVE THIS ONE.

it’s an elevator. from the late 1800s – early 1900s. from a historic factory in poughkeepsie. shall i go on?

solid wood – as it had to carry humans up and down
awesome “reclaimed wood” patina that is so popular yet stylistically everlasting
slightly rusted metal gate windows – perfect for hanging things!
an ad-hoc coat rack – super industrial handmade style – built in!
carved wood detailing – original hardware (like the pulley on top) – signage in tact

i have styled it in the showroom to demonstrate how useful it would be as a mudroom locker however i have had customers say they would use it for the following…what would you make of it?

– time out corner (puhlease! i would totally get in trouble all the time if i got to hang here)
– reading nook
– semi-private lurking space (in the event you didn’t want to share your candy with your kids)
– closet
– telephone booth
– indoor garden
– pantry space
so many great ideas! i have only one condition – whomever purchases this amazing find MUST share a photo of it in its new home! pretty please?

seeing is believing so if you can spare an afternoon to visit an awesome small walking town full of foodie dreams and shopping scenes, visit “Love in an Elevator” in our showroom:
conveniently located in our showroom in montclair – 182 glenridge ave – 15 miles from nyc
local delivery available also!

also if you are intrigued at it’s origin – read here:

measures elevator-sized – 28″ d x 39″ w x 86″ h