French Gilding Wax - King Gold | Chalk Paint® by Annie Sloan | Verdigreen™

French Gilding Wax – King Gold



We LOVE this product. ALL CAPS kinda love. It’s a teensy tiny little tub of GOODNESS in a soft gold that adds elegance and romance or a modern edge to any project. We use Gilding Wax to upcycle our old hardware, to stencil with, and to give charm to our paint projects. Come to our shop(s) and you will see – there is no shortage of gilded surfaces.

Our back wall in the Montclair studio makers’ space is painted in Graphite with King Gold stenciling and it is a STUNNER. 10928996_10153029167548749_1846636432839934131_n

We apply it with our finger because it warms to your body temperature and glides right on to any surface however you can use a fine detail brush if you’d prefer to be more refined. 😉

Our tip: If you accidentally get a wee “wax-happy” you can always use some Annie Sloan Clear Wax on a Q-tip or clean cloth to “erase” your excess. Like most of our products, it’s forgiving and fun!

PS: You need VERY little for a BIG impact. This tiny tub should last you for a very long time (or else you are applying too heavily) – absolutely worth the investment in terms of the effect it gives and the longevity of the product.

Guide to Using Gilding Waxes (from the SIFF site) 

Gilding waxes are easy and fun to use. They add a little sparkle to any project, humble or grand. You can use a small brush but personally I prefer using my finger to apply the waxes. There is something about the way your finger can just glide across the surface of a bead or relief that looks natural and authentic. Gilding waxes are the closest thing to the look of real gold leaf but are infinitely easier to apply and come in 9 stunningly beautiful colors. 

By dipping a small brush 1” or 2” brush into mineral spirits wiping the excess on a paper towel, then dipping into the wax you can create a beautiful metallic glaze for your entire piece.

Mixing the gilding waxes together allows you a larger range of colors in which to make your piece unique. 

Here is a wonderful video on Gilding Wax techniques.