Quick and Easy Paint Transformations | Chalk Paint® by Annie Sloan | Verdigreen™

Quick and Easy Paint Transformations



Here’s how to create inexpensive effects that look like a million dollars – all with a few pots of paint and Annie Sloan’s expert know-how. Her 50 projects introduce the stunning paint finishes and effects that will transform your everyday rooms and furniture into something truly special.

The projects are arranged by technique, beginning with the first chapter, Aging and Distressing, through the Working with the Base, which includes a fabulous lime-washed chair and colorwashed bookcase. Using Color is aglow with vibrant walls, furniture, and floors treated to paint and wax finishes, while Handpainting will give you the confidence to paint motifs freestyle. With Crackle, Gilding, and Decoupage, save an old pine table from the junkyard by treating it to a crackle-varnish finish, or try out stenciling by gilding a wall. You learn all the paint tricks for each project as you go; you need only the basic materials and skills shown in the step-by-step photographs. Some of the projects also emanate from particular styles, from French and Scandinavian to retro and English country, so you can choose whichever reflects the look you aspire to, or will enhance the existing elements in your home. And it needn’t take forever – just using thinned paint gives a great rustic look, or choosing beautiful heritage colors on dining room chairs uncovers their elegance in just a few hours.

From adding cool new colors to old furniture, painting your floors, or creating wall finishes to run your fingernails over, this book offers you everything you need to  make a tired interior or piece of furniture luminous, lovable, and stylish once more.