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The Tutorialist – A luxe and lovely Painted Piano

We love a challenge and our latest custom project was no exception. Our client inherited her Great Grandmother’s Baby Grand Depression Era Piano but it had lost its luster over the years. After touring her home and listening to the story of how much the piano and the matriarch in her family meant to her, we created a custom finish just for her!

Here is a photo of some of the luxe finishes in her home, plus a snapshot of the piano in its original state:

We had to shellac it first since it was bleeding through our first coat of paint. We used Pure White as our base coat and covered it until it was fully opaque. We then watered down our Paris Grey (50/50 paint to water) to create a color wash, then brushed it on and wiped it off to give fluidity to the finish. We highlighted all the embellishments using Pearl Plaster. Once dry, we sealed the entire piano in Clear Wax then did some shading and detailing in Black Wax. We then gilded the pedals in Tin Gilding Wax.

After seeing the top done but blank (like a canvas), we told the client we thought it would be beautiful to paint a subtle stencil on top using Pearl Plaster and a Royal Design stencil (she chose the Lisabetta) and she agreed to the last minute upgrade. We love the monochromatic shimmer. Understated glamour.

Here is a photo of the progress and a close up of the finished product!

We are so happy with how it turned out but even happier that our client loves it and entrusted us with the artistry. What an absolute honor!

We will post better photos of it once the bench is done and the piano is in place in its new home. We hope you enjoyed seeing this transformation!

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