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The Tutorialist – Custom Pretty in Pink

We just finished this gorgeous antique “dressing table” for our client and we HAD to share it with you! She purchased it from a local antique shop and it looked like this: We did a color consultation and our client fell in love with the pink finish shown here: We had our carpenter extraordinaire remove […]

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Using White Wax & Black Wax to add patina to grey

Every once in a while, we paint something and say to ourselves “wow, we forgot how amazing that looked!”…okay fine, we do it literally every day. This week was no exception. We painted over this horrendously spray painted desk with Paris Grey Chalk Paint® by Annie Sloan, then white waxed the top and black waxed […]

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Graphite with Black Wax on a Custom Chair

We just finished these lovely, luxe armchairs for a special design client. We collaborated with our design partner, Beth at Escura Interiors, to create a beautiful bespoke moment using rich, purple velvet and a black and white birch branch textile framed by a deep black wood tone created by finishing Graphite with Black Wax. When painting […]

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Black Wax – Back to Black

Do you follow us on Instagram? Find us here. We post inspiration pics, some personal photos and selfies, and lots of videos! Here is our latest – showing how to apply Annie Sloan Black Wax on a custom mix table we painted: SEE IT HERE. Here is some info on Black Wax from Annie Sloan […]

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Black Wax & Dark Wax: Staining Wood

Since Black Wax was announced, we have had several customers request demos (which we will gladly and freely provide in our shops) regarding the difference between the two so we quickly created this Facebook video to hopefully answer questions about using the two waxes as a wood stain. Raw wood is really beautiful stained with […]

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Annie Sloan – NEW White & Black Wax

We are loving the new Annie Sloan waxes!! When she was visiting us in NYC two weeks ago, she announced the new additions to her line on the Country Living Facebook live video. 🙂 The White Wax is a white-hued Soft Wax that gives a gorgeous limed look over raw wood or adds a soft […]

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