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Using White Wax & Black Wax to add patina to grey

Every once in a while, we paint something and say to ourselves “wow, we forgot how amazing that looked!”…okay fine, we do it literally every day. This week was no exception. We painted over this horrendously spray painted desk with Paris Grey Chalk Paint® by Annie Sloan, then white waxed the top and black waxed […]

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Subtle Finishes

We are working on a custom painted desk for our client’s daughter and she chose a really lovely light yellow blend of English Yellow, Pure White, and Old White Chalk Paint®. After our two light coats of the custom Chalk Paint® mix was dry, we felt it was a bit bold for the soft lavender on our […]

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You Can’t Sit With Us – a Private *cheeky* Workshop

We had a good time today at our one-on-one workshop. Our student wanted to learn how to Decoupage and one of my favorite techniques is to layer decoupaged paper with Annie Sloan Craqueleur then wax, so that’s what we did! Here’s a mini tutorial on how to achieve this look at home. We started with […]

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You Tube – Tune In!

I have been told (asked? not really…not with my customers! lol) repeatedly to film more tutorials and y’all know I am not so comfortable in front of a camera but I have finally submitted to creating them because I have found it so helpful to refer to them at the shop. I am going to […]

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Dark Wax Glaze

I’ve been wanting to show how to use Dark Wax as a “glaze” for awhile and recently we had the perfect project to demonstrate it. Here are some quick snapshots (before, during, after) of a chair leg and below is the video tutorial I created to show how easy it is! Let me know if […]

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