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Mix It Monday: Electric Supernova Hues

Annie Sloan is known for her artist’s palette of paint colors. She was inspired by art and nature and places she has traveled and it shows in her color choices here. She intentionally did not add black to her paint colors so when mixed they wouldn’t muddy, thus we have options of endless possibilities when color mixing Chalk Paint®.

For today’s Mix It Monday post, we are sharing a supernova inspired antique dresser restyle. Using a technique called “Wet-on-Wet” we created this electric combination guaranteed to garner attention.

Here’s our How To:

  1. Clean your piece (a simple dust-off is sufficient in most cases)
  2. Mix your paint — we chose Burgundy & Pure White (2:1) to create this bright pink
  3. Begin painting with long strokes, with the grain, 1 drawer (or small area) at a time
  4. While the bright pink is still wet, quickly dip the brush into Napoleonic Blue and feather into the details (we chose corners and edges for this look). The Napoleonic Blue will blend with the bright pink paint mix to create this lovely purple hue. Just act fast so there aren’t lines of demarcation. We started from the outside and lightly swept our paintbrush inward to create this look
  5. Continue with this technique until the dresser is entirely painted then allow to dry an hour
  6. Seal with Clear Wax (brush on, immediately wipe off excess)
  7. Use a detail brush in Black Wax to create some shadow dimension in corners
  8. Sweep Silver Gilding Wax on hardware and trim to give it a little glam

Voila! Your statement piece is ready to be revealed. 🙂 We love how this dresser turned out! She is especially fun paired with her Titanium Crystal. We love incorporating positivity and good energy in our interior design projects and this vignette is all about happy and empowering yourself to feel good!

Love where you live. Create beauty. Shop local.



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