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The Tutorialist – Sweet Pink Pearl

When our friend and local designer, Nara, came to the shop to discuss this project, we were so excited to be a part of it! Her client was expecting a baby and didn’t know the gender but handed her envelope over to Nara so she could have the nursery ready when she came home from the hospital! Nara proposed two nurseries: one for a baby boy and one for a baby girl and we created two finishes that the client approved.

Fast forward to a month later and we found out…it’s a GIRL!! So Nara and I got to work creating the design & finishes for a sweet feminine suite. Here’s her design board and sketch below – isn’t she talented?

When the dresser was dropped off at our studio, it looked so dated and peachy…

Our first step was to base coat the dresser with our custom pink. Once it was dry, we layered two light coats of Pearl Plaster on top. Lastly, we gilded the hardware and details with Gold Gilding Wax. Here’s the after:

To recreate this look at home, follow these simple instructions:

  1. Wipe down your piece of furniture to make sure there is no oil residue
  2. Mix 1:4 parts of Antoinette and Pure White Annie Sloan paint. Using a natural bristle brush, paint two light coats of your custom pink mix with the grain, allowing 40 minutes of dry time between each coat. Make sure you have full coverage on the furniture before moving on.
  3. Once your paint is dry (at least an hour but you can wait overnight) apply the Pearl Plaster. For this look, we slightly watered down the plaster and painted it on with Annie Sloan small synthetic brush to ensure there weren’t many brushstrokes in the finish. Pearl Plaster is a water-based paint medium that creates a pearlescent shimmer. SO luxe!
  4. Once the Pearl Plaster is dry (approximately 1 hour) apply Gold Gilding Wax on the details with your finger or a gilding brush.

If you used this finish on a piece and want to share, email us at so we can see!

Happy Painting!




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