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The Tutorialist – Custom Pretty in Pink

We just finished this gorgeous antique “dressing table” for our client and we HAD to share it with you!

She purchased it from a local antique shop and it looked like this:

We did a color consultation and our client fell in love with the pink finish shown here:

We had our carpenter extraordinaire remove the middle tray & raise it to a proper level so our client could sit under it comfortably.

Then we got to painting! To create this look, follow these simple instructions:

  1. Wipe down your piece of furniture to make sure there is no oil residue
  2. Mix equal parts of Burgundy and Pure White Annie Sloan paint. Using a natural bristle brush, paint two light coats of your custom pink mix with the grain, allowing 40 minutes of dry time between each coat.
  3. Once your paint is dry (at least an hour but you can wait overnight) seal it with Annie Sloan Clear Wax. We use a wax brush and brush it on, a small section at a time, then wipe it off with a blue shop towel.
  4. Once the Clear Wax has been applied and wiped back, use a wax brush and lightly Black Wax a small section at a time. To remove the Black Wax in this technique, we used a 0000 Fine Steel Wool pad to buff it off (rather than the blue shop towel).
  5. Finish up by applying a light sweep of Tin Gilding Wax on the details.

Voila! You will have an Adult Hot Pink thing of beauty like this one.

Happy Painting!





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