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The Tutorialist – Quick Layers of Honfleur & Paris Grey

This dresser had a cute shape but awful faux wood veneer that made her look like Sauder Office furniture.

I wanted the finish to look rich and woodsy so I opted for the following technique:

  1. Wipe the dresser down, then paint one full coat of Honfleur by Annie Sloan with a natural bristle paint brush then allow it to dry approximately 30 minutes

2. Add Paris Grey to your Honfleur (about 1:2 PG:H), mix well, then add a splash of water (1:2 water:paint). Paint a light coat of the color mix wash on the dresser, a drawer at a time with a synthetic paint brush. As it dries, spray water on the dresser with a spray bottle then blot the excess drips off.

3. Wet distress the paint with a damp sponge then wipe off excess water with a paper towel. Allow to dry approximately 30 minutes.

4.  Clear Wax (brush on with a wax brush and wipe off with a lint free cloth or shop towel) the dresser. Use Dark Wax in the details to add dimension. Glide Copper Gilding Wax on the hardware with your index finger then buff with a soft cloth to shine.

The entire process took me less than 2 hours and I love the final finish:

Here’s a photo of the dresser at my shop in the evening when lights are low…it’s more true to life color despite the darkness:

Layering Chalk Paint® can be more advanced or it can be a playful experimentation using color mixes and water like this technique. Annie Sloan developed this product to be intuitive and forgiving so don’t overthink it and just start painting. If you need more confidence prior to painting your first project, sign up for a workshop with us or come into the shop & we will happily show you a free demo!


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